• Hunter / Varmint - Hurricane

    The HURRICANE rifles are a new genre of premium rifles designed specifically for the civilian hunting and sporting use. Steel Core rifles are designed and made in England, using the latest technology they are precision built to fine tolerances with high grade materials. Our quality control meets the highest recognised standards.

    Hunter / Varmint - Hurricane overview

    Steel Core Designs (SCD) has proven itself to rank amongst the world’s most accurate rifles. It is by design and not by chance that our rifles have proved to be reliable, ergonomically pleasing and durable; designed and built to meet and exceed the most stringent safety standards.

    The HUNTER HURRICANE - 20” barrel length.

    The VARMINT HURRICANE - 26” barrel length.

    HURRICANE rifles are designed to accept commercially available scopes.

    • The receiver uses a rugged, high tensile steel 4-lug bolt, incorporating a new innovative firing pin system. The short firing pin travel enables a very fast lock time (time from pulling the trigger to striking the primer) of around 1.5 milliseconds, vital for making a crucial shot with a long barrel rifle.
    • A heavy recoil plate system located into both the action body and rifle stock; this assists in rifle accuracy and greatly assists recoil management.
    • Low friction, wear resistant VDP coatings, reduces the need for lubrication making these weapons ideally suited for the harsh gritty conditions experienced in the deserts; damp dirty conditions of forests and jungles; performing equally well in extreme hot and cold conditions.
    • The rifle safety lever is incorporated in the trigger mechanism for ease of use.
    • The scope rail is to Picatinny specification and will accommodate all commercially available scopes.
    • The most critical link between the shooter and the rifle is the trigger. All SCD triggers are designed with 2 stage operation, first and second pull, factory set to a 1.5 kg pull weight for safety, with a crisp, predictable release. Maintenance requirement is minimal, but should the need arise as with all of our designs, it is easy to remove and replace for cleaning.
    • Generous 10 round drop box magazine.
    • SCD barrels are produced to a very high quality match grade specification; barrels are coated with VDP and are threaded at the muzzle for easy attachment and detachment of a suppressor.
    • The HURRICANE has a unique ambidextrous, ergonomically designed rifle stock which considerably improves the shooting experience; providing greater shooter comfort, reduced recoil and absorbing vibration; this assists in the quick re-acquisition of target from shot to shot. The innovative use of materials in the HURRICANE stock design uses traditional fused with aircraft specification alloys, proven in extremes of hot and cold operational environments, to maintain operation, strength and stability.

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    • Calibre
      7.62 x 51 (0.308 Win)
    • Accuracy *
      < ½ MOA <0.15 Mil Rad
    • Magazine
      10 Rounds per Magazine
    • Hunter Barrel (SB) Length
      18” 41 cm
    • Varmint Barrel (LB) Length
      26” 66 cm
    • Barrel Twist
      1 : 11” 1:27.9cm
    • Hunter (SB) Overall Length
      41” 104 cm
    • Varmint (LB) Overall Length
      47” 121 cm
    • Operational Weight **
      7.9 lbs 3.6 Kg
    • Stock Colour
      Wood, Laminate and Synthetic
    • Bipod
    • Sling Attachment
    • Field Tool Kit
    • Field Cleaning Kit
    • Other Models
      Other calibres to special order
    • Options
      Day scope and rings, Waterproof rigid transit / storage case, drag bag, sound suppressor, sling
    • * Using match grade ammunition, group size as defined by SCD is measured from shot centre to centre with a four shot group. Tested distance 100 metres.
    • ** Weight will vary according to accessories and specification.
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