• MSR - Cyclone

    The “CYCLONE” rifle is a precision, multipurpose, premium quality bolt action rifle utilizing a “drop box” magazine. All Steel Core Design’s rifles are designed and made in England, using the latest technology they are precision built to fine tolerances with high-grade materials. Our quality control meets the highest recognised standards.

    MSR - Cyclone overview

    Steel Core Designs (SCD) has proven itself to rank amongst the world’s most accurate rifles. It is by design and not by chance that CYCLONE rifles have proved to be reliable, ergonomically pleasing and durable. These rifles are designed and built to meet and exceed the most stringent safety standards.

    Short barrel (SB) – engagement range to 1,250 metres.
    Long barrel (LB) – engagement range to 1,800 metres.

    NB: The above is dependent upon ammunition, type of target, atmospheric conditions and of course shooter’s skill.

    All SCD rifle systems are designed to accept commercially available day scopes, night vision, LADS and thermal imaging sights.

    • Our receivers use a rugged, high tensile steel 4-lug bolt, incorporating an innovative firing pin system. The short firing pin travel enables a very fast lock time (firing pin release to primer impact) of around 1.5 milliseconds. This improves rifle control during the firing cycle.
    • Heavy recoil plate system located into both the action body and rifle stock. This feature reduces flexing of the stock structure, assists in rifle accuracy, and enhances recoil management.
    • Management of the recoil energy from the CYCLONE is achieved by the ergonomic stock design which follows the natural path of the recoil to the shoulder. Rifle control during the shot is maximised and assists the user in spotting fall of shot and new target acquisition.
    • Low friction and wear resistant VDP coatings reduce the need for lubrication. The weapons are ideally suited for the extremes of heat, cold, damp and dry dusty conditions found in current operational environments.
    • A high quality trigger is vital to enable shooter and rifle to perform together. All SCD triggers have a 2 stage operation, first and second pull, factory set to 1.5 kg pull weight. The release is both crisp and predictable, and maintenance requirement is minimal.The complete trigger unit can be readily removed for cleaning.
    • Fitted with a 30 MOA scope rail as standard. All CYCLONE rifles are equipped with a 600 mm long Picatinny top rail to accommodate additional thermal and night vision equipment. Side and lower Picatinny rails are supplied for additional accessories.
    • The rifle safety lever is incorporated in the trigger mechanism for ease of use.
    • SCD barrels are produced to a very high quality match grade specification, fluted for improved heat dissipation and rifle balance. Tactical rifle barrels are VDP coated and are threaded for fitting muzzle brake and/or suppressor.
    • The SCD designed bipod is fully height adjustable and fits directly to the forend. The bipod features a swivel action which rotates around the centreline of the bore. This feature minimises shot deviation due to torque reaction. The bipod features a quick release mechanism and needs no tools for removal or fitting.
    • Our highly efficient muzzle brake is a standard fitment to all of our tactical rifles and greatly reduces recoil and increases control of rifle movement during the firing process.
    • The CYCLONE stock features a folding butt as standard for easy bore sighting, cleaning, maintenance and transit. The butt is adjustable for length with spacers (there is the option of integrated length adjustment) and incorporates a quick deployment mono pod, fully adjustable with thumbwheel fine adjustment.
    • The CYCLONE stock is ambidextrous and ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and performance. The innovative design and choice of materials have been proven to perform in extremes of temperature and operational environments.
    • Standard colours are Black and Dark Earth; most RAL colours can be accommodated, though charges may apply.

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    • Calibre
      8.6 x 70 (338 Lap Magnum)
    • Engagement Range *
      Long Barrel Up To 1,800 Metres | Short Barrel Up To 1,250 Metres
    • Accuracy **
      < ½ MOA <0.15 Mil Rad
    • Magazine x 2
      10 Rounds per Magazine
    • Short Barrel (SB) Length
      20” 51 cm
    • Long Barrel (LB) Length
      27” 71 cm
    • Barrel Twist
      1 : 10” 1:24.5cm
    • SB Overall Length
      44” 112 cm
    • SB Folded Length
      33” 84 cm
    • LB Overall Length
      51” 129 cm
    • LB Folded Length
      40” 102 cm
    • Operational Weight ***
      17.2 lbs 7.8 Kg
    • Stock Colour
      Black and Dark Earth
    • Muzzle Brake
    • Bipod
    • Sling Attachment
    • Field Tool Kit
    • Field Cleaning Kit
    • Other Models
      LSR 7.62 x 51 NATO | HSR 12.7 x 99 (50 BMG)
    • Options
      Tactical Day Scope And Rings, Night Vision And LADS, Infra-Red And TI Sights, Waterproof Rigid Transit / Storage Case, Drag Bag, Sound Suppressor, Sling, Training
    • * Dependent upon ammunition and shooter skill.
    • ** Using match grade ammunition, group size as defined by SCD is measured from shot centre to centre with a four shot group. Tested distance 100 metres.
    • *** Weight will vary according to accessories and specification.
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