The directors of Steel Core Designs Ltd. have over 45 years experience working in the defense industry, designing and manufacturing precision rifles for the civilian, law enforcement and military sectors.

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    introducing the HSR Cyclone

    thunderbolt steelcore
    • effective

      Effective range up to 2,200 metres dependent upon the ammunition, type of target and shooter skills.

    • ergonomic

      Ergonomic designed rifle stock makes this rifle a pleasure to use; it features a folding butt stock for easy cleaning & maintenance and transit.

    • premium

      The CYCLONE HSR rifle is a premium product designed specifically for military and specialist long range applications.

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    SC Series Thunderbolt Innovative Design

    See some of the innovative features of the SC Series Thunderbolt Rifle.

    two stage trigger

    The Steel Core Designs trigger embodies the key elements necessary for an accurate rifle; it is predicable, consistent and reliable.

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    Magazine protected

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    Lightweight - no flexing

    Heavy gauge steel has been used to stop flexing when at max magazine capacity; but with good design and testing, we have managed this without increasing weight.

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    Ultra Efficient Muzzle brake

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    Minimal dust disruption

    Our designs have proven to work exceptionally well in recoil reduction, flash signature and cause minimal dust disruption.

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    Quick and easily deployed monopod

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    quick, easy and accurate deployment

    The monopod designs allows for quick, easy and accurate deployment.

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    Purpose designed bipod

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    Integral part of the rifle

    The requirement was for the Steel Core Designs bipod to be an integral part of the rifle, with the centre of the bipod being the same as the barrel.

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    two point triggerlock

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    predictable, consistent and reliable

    The Steel Core Designs trigger embodies the key elements necessary for an accurate rifle; it is predictable, consistent and reliable.

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    Variable Scopes

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    accepts commercially available scopes

    All SCD rifle systems are designed to accept commercially available day scopes, night vision, LADS and thermal imaging sights.

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